By Using The Engine Flush System You Obtain a Very Clean Engine, Which Means Better Performance, Superior Fuel Economy and Longer Engine Life.

The Service: The Engine Flush System utilizes patented adapters and specially formulated solution to dissolve and evacuate accumulations of sludge, tar, varnish, and wear metals. The 10-minute service is performed with the engine off. Using pulsating pressures, the Engine Flush System circulates a specially formulated, heated petroleum-distillate solution over the main bearing, through the oil passages , over the valve train, and to the oil pan. Sludge, contaminants and residual engine oil are evacuated from the oil pan under vacuum. After extensive research and testing, the results have shown the periodic sludge removal restores operational efficiencies and reduces harmful exhaust emissions. By reducing wear metals and corrosive contaminants, longer engine life can be expected.

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