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For Servicing Automatic-Transmission Systems

The ATF Exchanger allows the technician to perform a complete transmission flush and fluid-exchange. State-of-the-art features make this ATF Exchanger the fastest and most versatile machine on the market.

  • Utilizes Flow-Control System
    • Allows Fast Servicing (under 8 minutes), Even On Low-Pressure Systems
    • Automatically Adds & Removes The Same Amount of ATF, Preventing Overfills
  • One Machine For All Types Of ATF
  • Complete Adaptor Kit For Domestic & Foreign Vehicles
  • Automatic, Single-Switch Operation (no valves or adjustments)
  • Sturdy Molded Chassis
    • No Rust, Dents Or Chipping
    • Self Contained New & Used Tank
    • Compact & Portable
  • Drain & Top-Off Features
    • Ability To Do A "Drop-The-Pan" Service
    • Easy Fluid-Level Adjustment
  • Automatic Fluid-Recirculation Loop At The End Of The Service
  • Features Inter-Changeable Color-Coded Tanks (as an option)




Weight (dry)

90 lbs. (40.823 kg)


Linear low-density polyethylene


12 VDC

Tank (new & used fluid

Capacity - 24 quarts per tank


10 Ft. high temp. with shut-off couplers

Limited Warranty

1 year, parts and labor

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